Hello my name is Dominique Penn,wife, momprenuer and mother of three. My family is my whole heart and I’m so blessed to be able to be the business woman that I am and that my children get to witness this journey with mommy.

Being a mom, often times we are put into this category of having to be perfect or we are limited to life because we are now moms. It’s just so untrue! Moms can have it all too and this site is for all of you to witness and chat with me about all of the things that we face as moms & momprenuers while I’m sprinkling my fairy dust along the way! I hope you guys enjoy!

With Love, Dominique

The Best Wine Of All Time!!

If your looking for a new wine to try I highly recommend my favorite, Stella Rosa Black! It’s literally the best wine of all time!! I honestly feel like this


I love Pinterest just as much as anyone else! You guys know I love to cook, so I’m always looking for new recipes or new twist and spins I can

Grgich Hills Estate

So i really love to cross things off my bucket list, and i’m happy that this past weekend i was able to cross off another one, and that was STOMPING

Don’t Box Me In

There’s a lot of times where people feel like you can only do one thing. If you’re a mom & wife you can’t dress sexy, or you can’t curse. You

Uh Oh! The Secret Is Out!! We’ve Been Caught! Pear Pie The Easy Way

Sooooo who has time for all the chopping and dicing and whipping up pie crust from scratch? Sometimes you just need a quick way to whip up a dish or


Do you ever just need a moment to yourself? Well you can absolutely have that and its ok to have that. As momprenuers, moms, and women in general if you